How My Necklace Changed My Life Today

How My Necklace Changed My Life Today

I sat at my desk today feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Another day of to do lists, and feeling unaccomplished. I let myself indulge in feeling sorry for myself. How will I get all this done? How can I keep going on like this?  I thought about all the other things that needed to get done after my work day is over… sigh….

As I looked down at my keyboard I caught a glimpse of my Purple Amethyst necklace.  I remembered why I wore this necklace, the energy it provides me. I closed my eyes and took a moment bask in its energy, and reminded myself of my power, positivity, and to stay in the moment. To smile! I felt the negativity leaving my body as I felt gratitude for the positivity it provided me.

There are many people who think that crystals have special powers. They don’t. What crystals do have is the ability to do amplify your energy, your life force, and your emotions.  They are a tool to cleanse, amplify and redirect your life energy. 

Crystals have a very special quality; they have unique vibrations depending on the type of crystal. They can store vibration information for long periods of time. These vibrations can be passed onto your own energy, positively impacting your body and mind.

I suggest wearing a crystal of your choice close to the center of your body, your heart. This allows for maximum absorption of life energy.

I recommend you choose the crystal the speaks to you the most. I am offering our hand wrapped crystal pendants for $10 each today only. You can use coupon Crystal10 at checkout. My hope is that you will be inspired and that they will make a difference in your day, too.  

Purple Amethyst: Amplifies:  Spirituality, Personal Power and Protection

Opal Quartz: Amplifies: Luck, Healing and Strength

Rose Quartz: Amplifies: Unconditional Love and Romance

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