Balla Maroon Positive Energy Karma Bracelet with Gold Rose Beads

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There is light and positive energy inside of us all. It's on display with every step you take and with every person you encounter. It expresses an unquenchable zest for life and a true understanding of why you're here. Positive energy karma is set to remind us that we can bring this light forward at anytime. Positive Energy Karma is represented here by our beautifully crafted 17 rose gold plated beads, and our Maroon energy binding. Blessed by good fortune, spirit and unity, the number 17 is anciently intertwined with the rebirth that good karma brings to us all. Balla's Cause: Bringing good fortune to those who do good. by purchasing or gifting a Karma bracelet to loved ones we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Global Hunger Project. Sealing the karma fate of what goes around comes back to you 10 fold.
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