Balla Purple Joy Karma Bracelet with Silver Plated Beads

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Joy Karma: is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize the smallest blessings in life. Moments that we simply don't take for granted that somehow find their way into the recesses of our heart. Joy, in and of itself is a choice - and the Joy Karma is your reminder to choose it every day. Joy Karma is represented here by our beautifully crafted 17 sliver plated beads, and our Joy reflecting purple binding. Blessed by good fortune, spirit and unity, the number 17 is anciently intertwined with the rebirth that good karma brings to us all. Balla's Cause: Bringing good fortune to those who do good. by purchasing or gifting a Karma bracelet to loved ones we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Children charities every month. Sealing the karma fate of what goes around comes back to you 10 fold.
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