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Focus 5Core Bracelet

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The Balla 5Core Collection inspires faith, energy, mindfulness, focus and wisdom.

Balla takes its inspiration from the ancient Buddhist principal of 5 strengths or pañca bala. 

Pañca means "five" and Bala means "strength." 

These 5 core strengths empower and balance each other, one serving to counteract and compliment the other. 

  1. Faith   - controls doubt
  2. Energy  – controls laziness
  3. Mindfulness - controls heedlessness
  4. Focus - controls distraction
  5. Wisdom  – controls ignorance


Focus on everything you are grateful for and watch your life bloom with blessings! Practice focusing on the most important things to balance confusion and inconsistency. 
The Focus 5Core Bracelet is made from wax cord and is waterproof. It is adjustable to fit all sizes of wrists. 

Inspired By The Strength of Nature

Balla Bracelets are made for women that want to empower their inner strength and always be focused on walking their own path. We use a combination of powerful natural beads and stones to provide you with the perfect addition to combine strength, beauty and fashion.